The Legend

Legend has it, in Mexico, where the coveted Agave plant grows, the Spider Monkey waits patiently until it's ripened fruit has naturally fermented and then eats the fruit for it's intoxicating effects. The Agave spirit pays tribute to the legendary Spider Monkey for it's ability to find, wait for and then enjoy one of the world's greatest treasures.

We hope you will enjoy this wonderful spirit and be able to...


The Legend

Our Story

Our Story

How Two Guys' Passion for Wine and Ping Pong started a Unique Tequila Company, that is more than just Tequila!

This is the story of Marc & Jonathan and Spider Monkey Spirits! 

Marc De Michele – a 25+ year mixologist, certified Wine Sommelier, seeker of just the right taste in every drink he creates, and founder of “Vines & Canines” (a unique dog-friendly wine bar) in the Highlands of Louisville, KY.

Jonathan Kidwell – an Entrepreneur, Technology Guru, and lifelong fan of high quality spirits moved to the Highlands in Louisville. 

Jonathan happened upon “Vines & Canines” and met an enthusiastic merchant in Marc. Over several weeks of exceptional wine and conversation, Marc shared a sample of one of his projects in its early stages with Jonathan.  Immediately surprised by the distinctive taste, Jonathan was thoroughly impressed by its smoothness and quality.

Due to the lack of unique and inspiring tequila options, the two decided to start a company and produce Marc’s creation.   Even without an established name, they began to work on perfecting the spirit & developing a company…over a ping pong table.  Yes, an interesting note about them is that they both share a keen interest in the sport of table tennis. Jonathan, a “basement player,” had no idea that Marc, at one time, was nationally rated.  The level of skill between the two were a bit different, to say the least. 

Zanzabar, a local bar in Louisville, hosts ping pong tournaments. Marc who is friends with the owners of the bar invited Jonathan to come play.  After Jonathan witnessed the level of play there, he quickly understood the definition of “a basement player!”

Nonetheless, while watching Marc play in the finals of the tournament nearly every Monday night, he witnessed something interesting.  Jonathan thought Marc, due to his unique stance and wild swinging arms actually looked a bit like a “Spider Monkey”.  Consequently, the company name was born!

Marc, not a fan of the name originally, was quickly swayed after researching this unique primate. With the millennial draw, it became obvious this animal was the perfect mascot for the company.  (See Our Legend)

Since then, they have teamed up, with the help of Strong Spirits, in Bardstown, KY, to create and produce this world class Agave Spirit.  The goal was to perfect a new style of “tequila” that respects the history and flavor of a pure tequila with naturally infused flavors. 

The brand - “Spider Monkey Spirits” first release, a Serrano Pepper and Ginger infused Agave Spirit, and aged in rye whiskey barrels allows for pure and natural integration of the flavors. This process creates an unbelievably smooth and well-rounded drink that integrates the perfect blend of serrano peppers, creating a spicy note up front, with just the right amount of ginger allows for a soft, clean, easy finish that can be enjoyed in a cocktail or just thrown back in the usual tequila fashion.

Marc and Jonathan are excited about producing a custom, all natural infused spirit whose taste should demand a steep price tag, but instead is at a price point for everyone to enjoy.

Spicy Margaritas, Bloody-Mary’s and other cocktail favorites are staples in their repertoire of drinks (See our Concoctions).  The Spider Monkey spirit enjoyed on the rocks with a wedge of lime is the creators’ favorite.  Jonathan and Marc know you will appreciate this wonderful new spirit and hope that as you enjoy, you can #FindYourInnerMonkey!